Wellness & Resiliency Team

Meet our 2021-2022 team members!

Rachelle Beanlands

Athletics & Recreation Subcommittee

Hey folks! I’m Rachelle, PGY2 at Bruyère, and co-lead resident at the site. I’m excited to contribute to your wellness by bringing more sports into your lives in the form of intramurals, informal activities and formal events! My background is steeped in the soccer world and I sometimes have a hard time hiding my bias, but I promise to give every sport a chance. Play on!

Ivan Chiu

Wellness Subcommittee

A Community resident and site chief, cycling enthusiast, aspiring boulderer, board/video gamer, and Uber Eats connoisseur. Residency is a wonderful yet challenging time. I would love to hear about your experiences, share stories, and make new memories!

Justin Dirk

Social Subcommittee

Hi team! My name is Justin Dirk and I will be serving as one of the social reps this year on the resiliency committee. I am originally from BC, doing degrees in Biochemistry and Kinesiology while working as a paramedic. I was then off to Queen’s in Kingston for my MD, finally stopping here in Ottawa. Having a work environment where my colleagues are my friends is what inspired me to take this role, and I look forward to meeting everyone throughout the next two years!

Laura Forrest

Resiliency Subcommittee

Laura is a first-year resident at the Montfort site and has a particular interest in the resiliency branch of the wellness committee. When not at work she can be found adventuring on trails with her dog, around a fire eating smores, or on the roads in the countryside on her motorcycle

Kerry Howell

Resiliency Subcommittee

I’m Kerry, and I am on the Resiliency subcommittee of the WRC. I am originally from Alberta, and so predictably love to ski. Wellness in residency for me so far has involved walking in the Gatineau hills with my dog, buying tickets to concerts (every musician comes to TO or Montreal it’s crazy), having friends/family visit and stay on my pull-out couch, and meeting all these very cool co-residents. Looking forward to planning some events this year to explore what resiliency can look like in residency and how we can help ourselves and others to be more resilient

Tanvir Minhas

Wellness Subcommittee

I believe resiliency is an integral part of successfully navigating the ups and downs of life. I’m excited to help create a culture in our Family Medicine program that priorities the well being of all residents. Personally, I get my wellness from being around my family and friends, coaching and playing sports, and feeling a sense of purpose when interacting with patients.

Our camera shy members:

Anika Atique (Treasurer), Sylvia Almeida (IMG Subcommittee), Ruth Fisher (Website Subcommittee), Yipeng Ge (Website Subcommittee), Courtney Guy (Communications), Laurel Kedrosky (Website Subcommittee), Stephen McCarthy (Athletics & Recreation Subcommittee), Kim Vo (Website Subcommittee)