Voting on new OB Shift Structure

OB Rotation Structure Change Proposal for Voting by Residents

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As advocates for better work-life balance for residents, we’ve worked hard to find ways to make the OB rotation better. For quite a few months now, we’ve been working to try and eliminate 24 hour shifts on the OB rotation.

We’ve come up with a proposal to convert all OB shifts to 12 hours, so that no one has to work 24 hours in a row. Before proceeding with any change we’ve been asked to do a survey of residents so that the Department of Family Medicine has an idea of what residents want.

Here is the proposal:

All residents doing their OB rotation at the Civic or General hospitals will do a 2 week OB block in each year of residency.

Currently, the structure of the 2 week OB rotation was as shown in the following diagram. You are paired with one other resident, and between the two of you, would cover the FM-OB service 24 hours a day, 5 days a week, for 2 full weeks.

On Sundays and Mondays, two “Fly-in” residents (who are on FM rotations but not obstetrics) each work a 24-hour shift, in order to round out the week’s coverage. For many residents, these 24-hour fly-in shifts are their least favorite part of an FM rotation, and understandably so. We hope to find a solution to this and one day eliminate 24 hour shifts on OB entirely.

OB 24 Hour Shift Structure

As you can see, this rotation structure involves 3 x 12 hour shifts each week, then one 24-hour shift per resident each week.

A lot of people don’t like doing 24 hour shifts and find them very exhausting as OB can be an extremely busy rotation. Therefore, we have proposed eliminating the 24 hour shifts by converting them to 12 hour shifts. You would work the same number of hours over 2 weeks but they’re divided entirely into 12 hour shifts instead of a mix of 12 and 24 hour shifts.

See the diagram below:

OB 12 Hour Shift Structure

Under 12-hour shift model model, each resident does 5 x 12 hour shifts each week – one resident works days, the other works nights – and then they switch from days to nights the following week.

How does this affect call stipends?

Right now we aren’t sure exactly how call stipends would be affected. This would have to be ironed out in discussions between the Department of Family Medicine and PGME.