OB Rotation Structure and Shift Splitting Option

OB Rotation Structure (Civic and General sites)

The OB rotation structure has changed over the past few years. In 2019-2020, the structure of the 2 week OB rotation was as shown in the following diagram. You would be paired with one other resident, and between the two of you, would cover the FM-OB service 24 hours a day, 5 days a week, for 2 full weeks.

On Sundays and Mondays, two “Fly-in” residents (who are on FM rotations but not obstetrics) each work a 24-hour shift, in order to round out the week’s coverage. For many residents, these 24-hour fly-in shifts are their least favorite part of an FM rotation, and understandably so. We hope to find a solution to this and one day eliminate 24 hour shifts on OB entirely.

Traditional OB Shift Structure

As you can see, this rotation structure involves 3 x 12 hour shifts each week, then one 24-hour shift per resident each week.

A lot of people don’t like doing 24 hour shifts and want to avoid them if possible. Therefore, in late 2019-2020 a new OB rotation structure was piloted, known as the Split-Shift model:

OB Split Shift Structure

Under the split shift model, each resident does 5 x 12 hour shifts each week – one resident works days, the other works nights – and then they switch from days to nights the following week.

The advantage of this model is that both residents avoid doing 24 hour shifts, although the Fly-in residents still have to do 24 hour shifts on Sundays and Mondays.

Residents may now choose the Split Shift model

Although the FM program has not yet officially adopted the Split Shift model for OB for all residents, they will allow residents to choose this model voluntarily for the 2020-2021 academic year. The catch is that both you and your co-resident on the OB rotation have to agree.  We recommend that you contact your co-resident on OB as soon as possible if you want to do the Split Shift model.

Your can find your co-resident on OB by checking the “2020-2021 MASTER SCHEDULE” email, under the “OB and Pall Care” tab of the spreadsheet.

Call Stipends on Split Shift Model

Naturally you may have questions on how to claim call stipends while working 12 hour shifts. There are still potentially discussions that need to happen between the DFM and PARO around formalizing the Split Shift structure for OB, and we will update this page when we have more information. Rest assured, we will make every effort to advocate that our overall income should be unaffected by any change in the call model.