Keeping Active

Fit residents are happy residents. And happy residents are caring residents.

Staying active should not just be something you tell your patients. It is also something that you should incorporate into your daily routine. Not only will it help you live a long and healthy life, regular activity will help you regulate stress, energy, memory and mood among many other positive attributes of being a good resident.

FREE Youtube Home Workouts:

Instagram Live Home Workouts:

  • The Fitness Lab Ottawa: @TheLitnessLabOttawa
  • Orange Theory: @OTFKanataSouth
  • Pure Yoga: @PureYogaOttawa
  • Yoga Town: @MyYogaTown

For the Outdoor Enthusiast: 

  • With more than 850 parks in the Ottawa area, you should have no problem finding your neighbourhood green space!
  • See our Outdoors/Sports/Fitness information page for more details 
  • For winter sports, the CMA offers discounts on ski passes and accommodation.

For those who prefer their activities in a sheltered environment: 

  • Both TOH and the CMA offer Goodlife discounts. There are gyms at both the Civic and General Hospital that offer cardio equipment, weights and classes. Bruyere and St Vincents Hospital also have gyms for staff to use. Corporate Goodlife membership is good for all Goodlife and Energie Cardio gyms across Canada.
  • The City of Ottawa has fitness and swimming memberships available.
  • There also also plenty of independent fitness centres, martial arts clubs, and yoga studios throughout Ottawa! See Outdoors/Sports/Fitness for a list of a few!

And, some tips for those who needs ways to sneak physical activity into their day:

  • Park your car in the far corner of the parking lot so you can fit some extra walking into your day 
  • Or, better yet: bike to work!
  • Take a 10-minute fitness break a few times a day (and do some jumping jacks, squats, wall/desk push ups, tricep dips, etc)
  • Instead of waiting for elevator (which might take 10 minutes to show up), take the stairs!