Food/Beer Festivals

Note: Due to COVID19, many of these are closed. However, when things reopen…


Festibiere de Gatineau (Winter edition)

  • What: live music, excellent beer, outdoor winter campfires, foodtrucks
  • When: last weekend in January
  • Where: Canadian History Museum / Musee canadienne de l’histoire, Gatineau (QC)
  • Cost: $15 per day or $22 for the whole festival


Winter BrewFest

  • What: (in case you missed Festibiere in Jan) music, food, beer!
  • When: second weekend of February
  • Where: Horticulture building, Landsdowne park
  • Cost: $20 entry


Festibiere de Gatineau (Spring edition)

  • What: beer, live music, excellent food and indoor/outdoor party!
  • When: last weekend of May
  • Where: Canadian History Museum / Musee canadienne de l’histoire, Gatineau (QC)
  • Cost: $15 per day or $22 for the whole festival


Italian Week

  • What: A multitude of cultural events and parties (comedy, soccer tournament, food and wine show, dancing, drinks, local artists and chefs)
  • Where: Little Italy, Ottawa
  • When: 2nd and 3rd weeks of June
  • Cost: free and variable based on event

Ottawa Rib Fest

  • What: Ribs! All the yummy Ribs!
  • Where: Sparks Street, downtown Ottawa
  • When: last week of June
  • Cost: free (food for purchase)


Ottawa Lebanese Festival

  • What: Lebanese food, dance, music, culture
  • When: 3rd week of July
  • Where: St. Elias Cathedral,700 Ridgewood Avenue, Ottawa
  • Cost: free

Capital Ukranian Festival

  • What: Ukranian food, music, dance, culture
  • When: 3rd week of July
  • Where: 952 Green Valley Crescent, Ottawa
  • Cost: free

Highland Games

  • What: music, dance, scottish games;
  • When: last weekend of July / first weekend of August;
  • Where: Maxville (ON);
  • Cost:
    • Day pass: 20$;
    • Weekend pass: 35$.


Festival of India

  • What: Indian culture, food, music, dance, crafts workshops, movies/documentaries
  • When: first weekend in August
  • Where: Ottawa City Hall
  • Cost: $9 day pass, $14 multi-day pass

TD SouthAsian Fest

  • What: Cultural performances, food, music, art
  • When: Second week of August
  • Where: Ottawa City Hall
  • Cost: free

Greek Fest

  • What: greek cuisine, dance, music and visual art;
  • When: 2 weeks in the middle of August;
  • Where: 1315 Prince of Wales Drive, Ottawa;
  • Cost: free entry (food for purchase).

Festival de la Curd de St-Albert

  • Quoi : musique, volleyball, rodeo, cuisine, camping;
  • Quand : 3e semaine d’août;
  • Où : St-Albert (ON)
  • Coût :
    • Passeport 3 jours : 65$;
    • Passe quotidienne : 25$

Ottawa Palestinian Festival

  • What: food, culture, arts
  • When: last week of August
  • Where: Ottawa City Hall
  • Cost: free

Ottawa Craft Beer Festival

  • What: Ontario and Canadian craft beer! And there’s a 5km beer run!
  • Where: Aberdeen Pavilion, Landsdowne Park, Ottawa
  • When: last weekend of August
  • Cost: $15 or so for entry plus beer


Ottawa Turkish Festival

  • What: Turkish food, culture, and dance!
  • When: 2nd weekend of September
  • Where: 335 Michael Cowpland Drive, Ottawa
  • Cost: free


  • What: Eastern Ontario’s premier Bavarian festival with beer, food, music, dance
  • When: last weekend of September
  • Where: Clark Fields Park, Barrhaven (ON)
  • Cost: free entry (food for purchase)

Beau’s Oktoberfest

  • What: Beer festival (with excellent food!!)
  • Where: Vankleek Hill Fairgrounds, Vankleek Hill (ON); buses to/from Ottawa available
  • When: last weekend of September
  • Cost: $30 per day