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  • Read around your cases, it’s the best way to learn and retain material
  • Studying for your CFPC starts on Day 1 of residency including for your SOO prep – think of every encounter as if it were a SOO or that you could have a SAMP question for it!
  • Be sure to read up on the CFPC SOO (Simulated Office Orals) and SAMP (Short Answer Management Problems) Guidelines
  • Dr. Bennion posted a powerpoint in 2017 that provides insights into the nuances of the exam that are good to keep in mind and read before you start studying.
  • Below we have compiled resources that exist to study for the CCFP exam and that residents have found to be helpful for their studying.



  • 99 topics for the CCFP – Study Notes PDF (Dr. Bouchard)
  • Guide to the Family Medicine Exam – Saskatchewan “Red Book” (Dr. Dash)
  • Family Medicine Notes (Dr. Danielle O’Toole)
  • The Review Course in Family Medicine Course Manual (Dr. Moore & Dr. Dhillon)
  • The Ninety Nine: Study Guide for Canadian Family Medicine Residents – E-book (Dr. Ranev)




Online Exam Question Bank


Your department should have access to both practice SAMPs and practice SOOs and are required by the college to offer up practice time for both during both years of residency.

CFPC has online practice SAMPs that simulate the computer-based examination, check it out HERE. Many residents found it helpful to review this early in their studying to get an idea of what type of questions will be asked during the exam.