Call Stipends & Reimbursements

So you have just completed your first block of call… now how do you get paid for all those call shifts? This will help you figure out what to do to make sure you get paid!

Types of Call Stipends

Types of Call
Type of Call Description Amount
In Hospital You are expected to remain in hospital for the entire 24 hour period (+2 hours for handover). You are expected to leave by 10 am the following day. Weekday: $127.60

Weekend: $140.36

Home You are allowed to leave hospital, but must be available to return to the hospital at any point in time if required to assess a patient/do admissions. Generally you are expected to be in hospital until 5pm, then may leave if everything is completed at that point. Weekday: $63.80

Weekend: $70.18

Coverted Home If you were scheduled for a home call shift and meet both of the following criteria, then you may convert your shift:

  1. Worked more than 4 hours after 5pm
  2. >1 hour worked was between midnight and 6 am
Weekday: $127.60

Weekend: $140.36

Qualifying Shift When you are on shift based rotations (Emergency, Obstetrics, ICU, CCU) where you work at least 1 hour after midnight or before 6 am, then you are entitled to a qualifying shift stipend. Weekday: $63.80

Weekend: $70.18

Rounding If you are only expected to come in and round, but there is no call afterwards. Cannot be claimed for post-call rounding. Weekday: $63.80

Weekend: $70.18

When working emerg there are a few extra things to consider when submitting your call stipends, which are outlined below:

Emergency Department Shifts – Call Stipends
Scenario Description Amount
Scenario A You worked in a Family Medicine clinic during the week (Mon-Fri) and one day was an Emerg shift. This is most common on rural/community electives. >1 hour worked between midnight and 6 am  = In hospital Call
<1 hour worked after midnight or before 6am = Home Call
Scenario B You worked your half-day back in Family Medicine clinic and an Emerge shift on the same day. The shift goes beyond 11 pm = In hospital Call
The emerge shift goes until 11 pm = Home Call
Scenario C You worked an Emerge shift without having your half-day back or a full week of clinic. >1 hour worked between midnight and 6 am = Qualify Shift
<1 hour worked after midnight or before 6am. Ie, a regular shift. Not eligible for stipend

FMOB Call Stipend Update: December 2019

As per the new PARO-CAHO Collective Agreement, Family Medicine residents doing OB shifts can claim call stipends as follows:

Day Shift (7 am to 7 pm): Claim Home Call Stipend as above.

Overnight Shift (7 pm to 7 am): Claim In-Hospital Call Stipend as above.

24 hour Shift (7 am to 7 pm): Claim In-Hospital Call Stipend as above.

See your PARO contract for further details on call schedules. You can only claim one call stipend per call shift regardless of the day and post-call rounding does not allow you to claim a rounding stipend for the next day.

How Do I Submit Stipends

Very easy – simply submit the dates & type of call done on this site.

You have 30 days from the end of the month worked to submit call stipends before uOttawa can decline to pay. Ie, if you are submitting for block 4 (ends Oct 22), then you have to the end of October + 30 days (Nov 30) to submit.

We recommend submitting ASAP so you do not forget and to ensure your call stipends will be paid!

Second Parking and Taxi Claims

The University will pay forTaxi usage under a few conditions, which are outlined in the PARO contract Section 19.7. Second parking will be paid if you have paid for parking at one location, then are required to park at a second location in the same day. This may occur if you are paying for parking at TOH, but also must pay at your home site for your half-day back. You can find the reimbursement form here or in your uOttawa email entitled “2018 Updated Second Parking and Taxi Reimbursement Form”.