Who we are

The Ottawa Resiliency Website Committee (2021-2022)

Ruth Fisher, Yipeng Ge, Laurel Kedrosky, and Kim Vo

Thank you to the 2020-2021 team: Drs. Dayna Austen, Victoria Gerber, Ellen Wong, Bing Wu, and Rhena Yoo.

Includes contributions from members of the University of Ottawa Family Medicine Resiliency Committee

We are grateful to the former webmasters:

Dr. Reuben Goldberg – Bruyere Community, Class of 2020
Dr. Aili Wang – Bruyere, Class of 2020
Dr. Scott Laing – Primrose, Class of 2019
Dr. Tamara Pokrupa-Nahanni – Bruyere, Class of 2019
Dr. Alyx Holden – Primrose, Class of 2018
Dr. Catherine Brown – Somerset West Community Health Centre, Class of 2018
Dr. Annelise Miller – Bruyere Chief Resident, Class of 2017
Dr. Wendy Zhang – Winchester Chief Resident, Class of 2017

What’s this Website about?

This website is dedicated to helping resident doctors in Ottawa make the most of their experience and to find ways to stay happy and healthy throughout residency.

If you find that you are in a situation that you are struggling to deal with on your own, this site will also guide you though resolving the crisis.